Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Family photos

After years of people asking for a family photo, we finally got around to have one completed. So here are a few of the photos we took. I am planning on getting copies for our friends and family later this week.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Finding my green thumb

I have become a plant person lately. It started with just having one umbrella tree in the living room, then a friend started a Christmas cactus for me. That got me thinking that we needed a plant on the floor in the corner of the living room which lead me to purchasing a fig tree. Now I am one the hunt for an African violet. So far no luck in finding one, but I won't give up! Jim thinks its funny that I have names for the plants. The umbrella tree is Wilma, fig tree is Betty and the Christmas cactus is Lucy....yep that's right when I get the violet it will be known as Ethel! I will be sure to post updates on the African violet search....maybe I will luck out this weekend and find one when I head to Home Depot. :)

I would love to have a house that had a nice sun room that I could devote time in growing beautiful plants and flowers. I would really like to grow orchids, but I think they need a home that has an even temperature and that is so not our house right now. I would also enjoy have a large garden full of veggies and flowers. The little garden area we have is nice, but there really isn't space to grow much. I intend to give our garden another shot this summer. Know for sure that we will grow pumpkins again, but undecided as to what else. I still have plenty of time to figure it out.

Ok Ok I will update!

Ok, I admit it, I have totally dropped the ball and have neglected my blog for the past two weeks. There is really no good reason for it other than I have become lazy recently. I'm going to blame it on eating poorly and the weather....yeah that sounds good!

So an update on the kids. We found out two weeks ago that Hannah had developed something called Fifth Disease. The doctor says that it is a common childhood disease and that there is nothing to worry about. Hannah came home with really pink cheeks, and a red lace like rash developed within a few days. According to the doctor the rash will go away on its own in 1-3 weeks. She didn't have any other complications, and it seems like the rash is going away right on schedule. However she is not the only one who has it...Johnathan developed the rash over MLK weekend and his is slowly getting better. Poor Johnathan had to deal with some teasing from a very unfriendly girl at school. But a call to the teacher seems to have curbed the teasing for now till she finds something else or someone else to pick on.

Jim and Johnathan will be busy the last part of this week getting their pinewood derby car ready for competition in two weeks. I will make sure and post photos of the process once it gets started. Johnathan is looking forward to building his last cub scout derby car with his Dad. All the cars in past years have been done with Papa. Hannah and I are gearing up for booth sales with girl scout cookies. Today I have spent most of my time preparing the troops order so that I can have it sent in tomorrow before the deadline. It was a lot harder this year to sell cookies, people just didn't have the extra money this year for them. Makes me nervous for our booth sales, hopefully the girls can sell what we ordered. I would rather have too few than too many.

Ok, think that brings me up to date on whats been happening around here. I will try to do better about posting to the blog....but I make no promises, might need another gentle push now and again.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Adding to my schedule

So as if I don't have enough to do during the day I have added items to my schedule. I must be crazy taking extra stuff on. I am no officially the cookie Mom for Hannah's girl scout troop. I took on the position is hopes of causing myself less stress having to deal with the cookie mom we had last year. So far it isn't causing me any stress but things just got started and the website that is supposed to be up and running to make things easier isn't up and running and no one seems to know anything about when it will be.

Then to top it off I just agreed to become the photographer for this summers day camp. I really enjoy taking photos but not sure that my photos are up to the standards of camp photographer. We will have to wait and see what happens with that, the camp directors can always change their minds on that. Actually I am looking forward to being the person who walks around all week just snapping photos of all the events going on around camp and not having to watch a group of girls. Gives me another reason to buy a few things for my camera. :) Also gives me the incentive to get my camera out and start working on my picture taking.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Days go by fast

There must be some comic force that makes my days run supper fast. I swear one minute I look at the clock and it's just a little past 8, the kids have only been in school for 20-30 minutes then the next minute I look at the clock and 5 1/2 hours have gone by and the kids will be home in 30 minutes. I feel like I got nothing done and that my day is over before it even began. Oh the mysteries of time, well at least my time!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Awaiting the rain

As if the major snow fall we had in December wasn't bad enough now we are looking at having flooding in the area. According to the weather we are expecting major rain accumulation today into tomorrow afternoon. This means all creeks and most of the rivers around the area are under a flood watch. I am thankful that we don't have to worry about that in our location. But I do feel sorry for those people that have to deal with flood waters washing into their homes and causing damage. Makes me wonder if Mother Nature has something against the pacific northwest!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Nearing the End

Now that January is here, Johnathan is almost finished with Cub Scouts. He has till the 20th of February to finish any badges he is currently working on and any remaining belt loops or pins he wants to finish. Then it will be on to Boy Scouts. We visited a Boy Scout Troop last night and Johnathan really liked the boys in the patrol, and he got to participate with them in all the activities they did. He wants to go back again next Monday, so I am thinking he has found his next troop.

I got to visit with some of the Moms and a couple of the male leaders in the troop, they all seemed to be really nice and friendly. In actuality I am looking forward to moving on and maybe mixing things up with new families and leaving some of the troubles from Cub Scouts behind. With our Cub Scout experience, we have had to deal with several fathers who present themselves as all knowing and how dare anyone contradict them in any way. I didn't get that feeling from any of the people at last nights meeting. It will be nice to move on from that type of atmosphere and into one that is more productive for the boys as well as more enjoyable.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Dull Rainy Days

Oh how I wish it was spring or even summer. I know that winter just officially got started, but I am so ready for warm sunny days. All the snow we had has pretty much melted and what hasn't is now gray and ugly. The skies are dark and filled with cold rain. I am just so done with being cold and always having to bundle up even when we are inside the house. Hurry summer...hurry fast!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009!!

Happy New Year!! Our new years celebration was rather quiet, we spent the evening at home watching movies and then finished up by watching the ball drop in New York. (Even though it was 3 hours later than the real event) The kids actually made it till mid-night but then shortly afterward they headed off to bed and crashed.

New years day has been a pretty laid back lazy day. The rain has returned and we all spent the day just doing whatever. Hannah actually stayed in her pj's all day until it was time for a shower tonight and fresh pj's. Ok I will admit if we didn't have to run a few errands today I would have stayed in my pj's all day also. I hope this new year brings us and all our family love, laughs and great memories.

Cheers to 2009!!!