Monday, January 26, 2009

Ok Ok I will update!

Ok, I admit it, I have totally dropped the ball and have neglected my blog for the past two weeks. There is really no good reason for it other than I have become lazy recently. I'm going to blame it on eating poorly and the weather....yeah that sounds good!

So an update on the kids. We found out two weeks ago that Hannah had developed something called Fifth Disease. The doctor says that it is a common childhood disease and that there is nothing to worry about. Hannah came home with really pink cheeks, and a red lace like rash developed within a few days. According to the doctor the rash will go away on its own in 1-3 weeks. She didn't have any other complications, and it seems like the rash is going away right on schedule. However she is not the only one who has it...Johnathan developed the rash over MLK weekend and his is slowly getting better. Poor Johnathan had to deal with some teasing from a very unfriendly girl at school. But a call to the teacher seems to have curbed the teasing for now till she finds something else or someone else to pick on.

Jim and Johnathan will be busy the last part of this week getting their pinewood derby car ready for competition in two weeks. I will make sure and post photos of the process once it gets started. Johnathan is looking forward to building his last cub scout derby car with his Dad. All the cars in past years have been done with Papa. Hannah and I are gearing up for booth sales with girl scout cookies. Today I have spent most of my time preparing the troops order so that I can have it sent in tomorrow before the deadline. It was a lot harder this year to sell cookies, people just didn't have the extra money this year for them. Makes me nervous for our booth sales, hopefully the girls can sell what we ordered. I would rather have too few than too many.

Ok, think that brings me up to date on whats been happening around here. I will try to do better about posting to the blog....but I make no promises, might need another gentle push now and again.

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