Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Nearing the End

Now that January is here, Johnathan is almost finished with Cub Scouts. He has till the 20th of February to finish any badges he is currently working on and any remaining belt loops or pins he wants to finish. Then it will be on to Boy Scouts. We visited a Boy Scout Troop last night and Johnathan really liked the boys in the patrol, and he got to participate with them in all the activities they did. He wants to go back again next Monday, so I am thinking he has found his next troop.

I got to visit with some of the Moms and a couple of the male leaders in the troop, they all seemed to be really nice and friendly. In actuality I am looking forward to moving on and maybe mixing things up with new families and leaving some of the troubles from Cub Scouts behind. With our Cub Scout experience, we have had to deal with several fathers who present themselves as all knowing and how dare anyone contradict them in any way. I didn't get that feeling from any of the people at last nights meeting. It will be nice to move on from that type of atmosphere and into one that is more productive for the boys as well as more enjoyable.

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