Friday, January 02, 2009

Dull Rainy Days

Oh how I wish it was spring or even summer. I know that winter just officially got started, but I am so ready for warm sunny days. All the snow we had has pretty much melted and what hasn't is now gray and ugly. The skies are dark and filled with cold rain. I am just so done with being cold and always having to bundle up even when we are inside the house. Hurry summer...hurry fast!


Roxanne said...

Winter is okay, for a very short period of time. Like just the week of Christmas. Then it's time for spring! I'm not looking forward to three more months of this awful weather. (But global warming doesn't exist and doesn't cause extreme weather....)

Amanda said...

I've had enough of the dry skin that goes along with using the heaters. I want to be warm without having four layers of cloths on plus the blanket.