Sunday, June 14, 2009

What a way to spend a Sunday

For several weeks now the kids and I have been meaning to visit the Historical Jenkins Estate located about a mile from our house. It is now a park, but the original buildings are still on the grounds. Many people have their weddings at the estate. I wanted to go and check out the gardens this place is supposed to have. I was not disappointed and both of the kids had fun looking at the flowers and walking the paths.

I really enjoy trying to capture nature photos, with that said I have lots of flower pictures. And today I was in heaven taking photos of all kinds of things. But what made me smile and feel kind of good was Hannah snapping away at whatever Mommy took a photo of. She is getting pretty good at taking photos.Johnathan enjoyed the herb garden that is planted towards the back of the property. He enjoyed rubbing his fingers on the leaves and then smelling the different scents. One of his favorites was the lavender. When the kids smelled the rosemary they both said it made them kind of hungry.
We spent two hours walking around the place and we didn't even see everything. None of us are sad at having to plan a second trip to Jenkins Estate!

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