Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

Well I know that this is a week late, but I had to wait for my laptop to return home before I could put my photos online. Now that it's back I can share some of the photos I took at the zoo with the kids and my niece and my two sisters. It was a full packed day at the zoo, I think we saw everything. And yes I took photos of flowers and other objects I saw during our day.

Johnathan, Mackenzie and Hannah stopping to pose for photos. They had flashes going off in all directions as all three adults were snapping photos.

I love this photo, usually the chimps are inside when the weather is questionable. But on this day they were out in their new yard. And I love how this one went straight up the hill and sat in the tall grass.
Here kitty kitty! I spent a lot of time taking photos of this cougar, its usually really hard to find them in the enclosure. But on this trip he was wanting his photo taken, he jumped down from his log and came to the window. Granted Johnathan was standing to the right of me when I took this so maybe the cougar was checking Johnathan out at the time. HHMMM lunch!
My little woodland pixie peaking in the bushes!
Johnathan likes to watch the birds of prey show at the zoo. Before it started they put a couple of the big birds on display up on the stage. Johnathan was getting a closer look at them without having to get too close to them.

It was a great day. The kids had a blast and everyone was completely worn out by the time we left.

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