Monday, June 15, 2009

Proud Parent

Johnathan has been so excited about becoming a Boy Scout and has tried very hard to prove himself to his scout masters and the older scouts in his troop. We have been very busy working on his first rank which is Boy Scout.

Tonight the troop held their Court of Honor and had a pot luck dinner. All the scouts were a little put out because they had to wait till all the parents and the siblings to fill their plates before they were allowed to eat. Needless to say all the parents thought that was a great idea! Once everyone had finished eating the awarding began.

The first patch handed out was the Camporee patch. This was hard earned by all the scouts who went to this weekend camp out. The weekend started on Friday night with clear skies and warm weather, at around midnight the clouds gathered and the rain started didn't stop falling till Sunday afternoon. Everyone was wet and muddy but they had a great time. Then Johnathan was called up and I had to accompany him, he was handed his Boy Scout patch and a pin that matches. He had to put the pin on me for all the hard work I helped him do to reach this point in scouting.

It was a great ceremony and all the boys were thrilled about getting their patches. The next Court of Honor will be held in January and there will be more patches to come!

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