Sunday, March 01, 2009

All Done

Our painting is finally done! After working like a mad women for the past week trying to get all those stupid walle's off the kids bedroom walls and cleaning all their junk out, I can now sit back and admire the pretty white walls just waiting for smudges and finger prints.

Johnathan's room looks different with all of his street signs and cars off the wall. Sadly he has outgrown the little boy stuff. Currently he is driving me crazy to help him build his model mustang he got for Christmas. I will have to give in this week and let him do little bits here and there once he works on his upcoming speech. He has also informed me that he will let me put up only two of his street generous of him.

Hannah wants her room to be very girly and have lots of flowers and pretty colors in it. She was very putout that we would not paint her walls pink. But she compromised with having her shelf painted purple and a few other things painted in colors of her choice. This week I am planning to go to Target and see about getting the vinyl stickers to put on her wall in the flower shapes. Hopefully I can find them and get them done while she is at school.

The rest of the house is painted also with the exception of our bedroom, but that is another entire weeks project! I would love to say I managed to complete all this work myself...and have everyone think wow what a super woman...however I had some expert help and advice. Without the help from my Dad none of this would have gotten done. So THANKS PAPA!

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