Sunday, February 22, 2009

Getting ready

Nothing like waiting till the last minute to get anything done. Well that is the story of my life!

Once again my parents are coming this week for a cub scout event. Johnathan is going to be crossing over from cub scouts to boy scouts and they make it a big event. However this means that I need to get busy and get my house cleaned and the bedrooms prepared for painting. No big deal some might say, but in each of the kids rooms we put up things called walle's and now I have to remove them.

A walle is nothing but a wallpaper cut out that we pasted onto the walls when we moved in 7 years ago. The package said they are easy to put up and easy to remove....they lied! Over the past several weeks I start to take them off but get discouraged when I spend 30 minutes scrubbing and scrapping only to get just one off the walls. At this point it is going to take me several days to complete Hannah's room since she has the most. Right here and now I vow to never ever put up wallpaper of any kind, shape or size! What a mess this is going to be.

On the bright side once the rooms are painted they will look so much nicer! (I hope)

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