Sunday, February 15, 2009

No more three day weekends!

So I would like to know who the person is that makes the school year calender each year. Did that person realize that in the month of February and into March our kids have every other Monday off? Come on give us parents a break. Around here a three day weekend usually means just one more day for the kids to fight with one another and another day to drive me crazy. I love our kids and enjoy spending time with them, but I also enjoy dropping them off at school on Monday mornings and having some time to get the things done that I want or need to do.

Due to the snow we had the week before Christmas the kids don't get out of school this year until June 17th. Rather than extend the school year why not take away some of the Mondays and Fridays that they have scheduled as teacher work days. How many extra days does it take for the teachers to get grades ready for report cards or get project together. I thought that is why they have one day a week of early release. Looking at it from the view point of the number of paid days off, and I think teachers have it pretty darn good around here.

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