Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Incompetent delivery driver

At this moment I am waiting for a FedEx delivery driver to fix his mistake, and I am not happy about it. A package we ordered Friday was supposed to be delivered here yesterday. When it wasn't we just chalked it up to it being a holiday. But then we got to looking at the comments left by the driver online and they said that no one was there to sign for it or that the business was closed and we thought that was kind of strange. Oh well it would be here today.

Upon checking the delivery status we found that it had already been delivered to someone this morning and that they had signed for it. It became clear that the driver delivered it to the wrong address, so I called the 800 number for FedEx and had them put a trace on our package. About 20 minutes later I get a call from the local FedEx transit station saying it was delivered to the front desk and that P. Walker had signed for it. Well we have not front desk and no one by the name of P Walker lives here I told the man on the phone. He had to recheck with his driver and would call again. More waiting.

The man on the phone called back to say the driver had delivered it to a school since he couldn't find our address. WHAT??? Apparently this driver believes its ok to just drop a package off at whatever address if he can't find the correct one. When I stated my disbelief, the dispatch person said that this isn't the drivers regular route and that he couldn't find the address. Here's and idea call dispatch and ask for directions! I mean how hard is it in this day and age to have someone Google the correct damn address? I am so wanting to ask the driver what the hell he was thinking, but Jim says that I have to be nice and not yell at him. It will take every ounce of strength I have to not let the driver have it!

Now I wait for this genius of a driver to go back to the school, pick up our package and attempt to deliver it a block away. I have every intention of speaking to this drivers boss as well as send a letter to the FedEx company! This is beyond ridiculous. I'm pretty sure that this isn't standard proceedure nor is it acceptable practice to just drop off packages at any address. However this is the second time we have had trouble with them delivering packages to us, this one being the worse experience. From this point on I will not be shipping anything with FedEx!

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