Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The winner is.....

Each year in cub scouts, the boys build derby cars and hold a race to see who's car is the fastest. For the past 5 years Johnathan has built a car and usually falls in the 5th-6th place slots. Although he has been a good sport about not placing and getting one of the trophies, I know deep down that he really wanted to place in the top three. What kid wouldn't want that. This year was Johnathan's year. The cars race once in all four tracks, this determines the finial four cars. Johnathan's car came in first in all the four of the qualifying races. Now it was down to the finial four, the gate drops and the Green Machine (aka Johnathan's car) takes the lead. And the Green Machine crosses the finish line first. The look of shock and joy on Johnathan's face said it all. Both he and Dad are thrilled that they have made it to first place in Johnathan's finial Pine Wood Derby race!

Hannah made a car this year also and raced in the open division. Her car tied for second and had to go into a race off....Hannah got second place in the last race. So this year the Powell kids brought home a first place trophy and a second place trophy. Way to go guys!!!

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