Friday, November 21, 2008

Smells of the Season

I love all the smells that go along with Christmas and New Years. The smell of peppermint, hot chocolate, evergreen trees, wreaths, cinnamon and the spell of crisp cold air.

Well today we get our first addition to the holiday smells. Our wreath we ordered from Johnathan will arrive this morning. I am planning on hanging it right up today. Its made of evergreen and cedar so it lasts a long time and smells wonderful. Again this year we got the candy cane shape, and we will wrap it in red and white lights so it stands out when our Christmas lights are turned on.

Unlike some of our neighbors we took our lights down after the holidays last year. All that means is we have to put them up again this year. Jim is not looking forward to that, I am so picky about how they should go up! We don't have any special theme, we put up multi-colored lights along with the red and white ones. Last year Jim took some of our green lights and made a tree shape on the side of the house. The kids loved the lights!

I know that officially the holidays haven't started, but I am already feeling festive.

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