Monday, November 17, 2008

Kids Activities

This past week was full of places to go and things to do. The kids had some fun activities last week. Hannah gave her first speech of the 2nd grade, it was about her family. She was very excited to bring home the paper showing that she met all the requirements and had passed her public speaking segment. Johnathan has to give his speech this week, and if he doesn't start practicing it he won't do very well I'm afraid.

Johnathan had his 5th grade music program last Thursday. He got to get up in front of the audience and make sound effects. He had to sound like a train and a chicken. He got embarrassed making the chicken sound, so it was really quiet. It was funny to watch all the kids, they all had the same expression on their faces. They all looked bored and just wanted to go home.

Hannah's big event happened on Sunday. Her girl scout troop went to a synchronized swimming clinic. The girls got to design their own swim suits and head pieces. They got to have competition makeup put on and learn how to stretch before getting into the water. They also learned how to do land drills (doing movements on the pool deck before doing them in water). And then they got to get into the pool and practice some moves. It was a fun outing for Hannah and the other scouts. ( Mom/leader enjoyed it also.)

It was a busy week, but full of memories and fun! This is what having kids is all about! :)

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