Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Fall in the Northwest

Well its officially fall here. The rain arrived early this morning and has been pretty steady all day so far. I am taking full advantage of the kids being at school and the housework being complete....I am relaxing on the sofa with my book and the laptop. Might even sneak in a little nap before the kiddos descend on the house once again. Oh sure the rain can get really old fast, but the first big rainstorm in months is always enjoyable.

I did take some time to play with the camera this morning and got some neat photos of the fall colors out our back door.

I love the green moss that forms on the trees and rocks in the northwest.

Such vivid oranges and greens. These pictures are not at spectacular as the real thing. I am by no means a professional, but its fun to play around and to share what I feel is beautiful.

Trying to get a good shot of rain drops in the tree limb.

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Roxanne said...

I love my camera! It's so much fun to take pictures of anything and everything. :)