Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Christmas Gifts Already

I just finished wrapping my first Christmas gifts of the season.

Saturday Jim and I spent an hour online doing Christmas shopping for the kids. We got our first shipment today and I quickly wrapped them before anyone gets home from school. I am so excited to be finished for the most part on my Christmas shopping. Johnathan is completely finished and I have a few things left locally to buy for Hannah. Can't forget the new pj's for Christmas Eve either.

Like last year, we will spend our holidays here at home just the four of us. Don't get me wrong having a big family gathering would be fun, but with everyone living so far away that just isn't possible. Spending a nice calm, quiet, relaxed day with the kids playing sounds like heaven to me. Realistically it will be calm and slightly relaxed, but anything but quiet. The kids will be excited and then the fighting will start as normal around here. But I still call it heaven.


Roxanne said...

You're doing a lot better than I am! I haven't decided what to get everyone yet. It's going to be a pretty light Christmas, gift-wise. The important part is that all of my kids will be together for the first time in years. I can't wait!

Amanda said...

This year it was easy to decided what to get Johnathan. Hannah however is the harder one for some reason. But each year it seems that it's easy to buy for one then it is the other. Still have plenty of time to figure it out.

Roxanne said...

I've gone through that before, too. Sometimes easier for some of the kids, sometimes more difficult for others. And never a year when it's easy to shop for everyone. :)