Friday, July 09, 2010

Hot Weather

It's been so hot here the past three days. The temps have been in the high 90's and yesterday we even saw 100 degrees. Now don't get me wrong I was happy to see the sun, just would prefer it to be in the 80's and sunny. Thankfully we have seen the last of these hot temps for now, the weather has started to change this evening. While sitting at the pool I believe the temp dropped a good 10-15 degrees. Right now its 81 and perfect.

After dinner darling hubby and I took the rug rats for walk. I only managed to hobble around the park once as I have a huge blister on my heal that made walking uncomfortable. But its a start, who knows maybe tomorrow I will be able to walk longer.

Trying to decided on what type of adventure to do with the kids tomorrow as Darling needs to sleep for work tomorrow night. Maybe we will hit the zoo or just go to the park. All I know is that it will be cooler and so getting outside is for sure something we are going to do.

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