Friday, March 27, 2009

Way to end a vacation

So all went well during our first long distance family vacation. Sure the kids had their moments, but for the most part they were really well behaved and had a blast.

We got back home early Wednesday morning and everyone crashed once we unloaded the car and confirmed that the cat was still alive. As predicted we all slept in late the next morning and then got ready to head off to Bend to pickup Sadie dog and visit with the grandparents.

Our visit was going to be short, however I didn't realize just how little visiting I would be doing. During the night on Wednesday I developed a flu bug that kept me up all night racing to and from the bathroom. I was useless on Thursday and spent the entire day sleeping or groggy and in a daze when I was somewhat awake. Thankfully I awoke this morning feeling much better and ready for the trip home.

I wish I could report that no one else got sick. This evening while putting Hannah to bed she complained that her tummy hurt so we gave her some pepto in hopes of beating any type of sickness. Little did we know that Johnathan should have gotten some also. Just shortly after putting him to bed he got up sick! Now he is upset about possible not going to see the movie Monsters v.s. Aliens tomorrow.

Here is knocking on wood that he is feeling better in the morning and that no one else get sick.

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