Monday, December 08, 2008

Scouting Adventure

Yesterday Johnathan had a Cub Scout den meeting at the Rice Museum of Rocks and Minerals. The den was completing their geologist badge, so they needed to see some specimens of the three types of rock. Hannah got to tag along also and she enjoyed seeing the museum again and bringing her camera along. The boys asked some really great questions of our tour guide. It was nice to go along at a slower pace and take some photos and really just look at some of the amazing rocks, and crystals they have on display. After this outing both of the kids are wanting to go rock hunting to see if they can find some of the amazing rocks they learned about yesterday.

Oregon's state rock the thunder-egg. This one is opal filled.

Hannah taking photos of Oregon's state gem the sunstone.

Downstairs in the museum they have a large room filled with petrified logs. These are petrified pine cones.

This is the museums prize exhibit, it is the worlds second largest collection of Rhodochsorite. This crystal is more rare than diamonds.

At the end of the tour our guide let the kids look for a rock to take home from the giant rock pile behind the museum.

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