Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holiday Memories

Well the holidays are almost past for another year. However thankfully I have become a major picture taker so we will have lots of photos to either post online or put into our scrapbooks for future viewing.

Our Christmas was a nice one, we stayed home this year and just enjoyed the quiet of a small family Christmas. The kids got lots of fun gifts this year and they spent most of Christmas Day playing with all their new stuff.

The customary Christmas Eve present...NEW PJ's!
Johnathan got a new nerf gun, and Dad had to play with it also.Santa brought Hannah these cute Littlest Pet Shop stuffed animals, now she can play online with them.And Hannah got a beading kit, I see hours of necklace making....well after hours of picking up the spilled beads!
Yes...they got Ipods...now maybe they will leave mine alone!A very funny movie...Kung Fu Panda..."prepare to feel the thunder"!Johnathan got a professional microscope and some really cool slides. Science is one thing that he is really interested in.

And once again I am surprised at how fast they manage to rip through those wrapped packages that take me forever to wrap! No I didn't save any paper, bows or ribbon! :)

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