Monday, December 01, 2008

Another Day Off

The kids have another day off from school today. Last week they got out early on Wednesday for the holiday and as usual they had Friday off. Today the teachers needed the day to get report cards ready.

Now I understand that teachers have a lot to do each day and that is supposed to be the reason they have early release on Wednesdays. But how many days do they need off a month to get things complete? In the month of December the kids only go to school for 12 days.

The kids love these off days, and I enjoy having them home but nothing gets done. My entire weeks schedule is all messed up on these weeks. The usual stuff I do on Mondays will not get crammed into Tuesdays. In my opinion its getting crazy the amount of in-service days that teachers have, the kids are out of school more then they are in school it seems.

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Roxanne said...

I hate those inservice days, too. But look on the bright side. The school year would be that much shorter if they didn't have so many days off during the year. Summer vacation is fun, to a point. After that, I'm ready to send the kids back to school.